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  • ALD

    ALD company specializes in the development, production and sales of precision low-power linear integrated circuits, which are used in industrial control, electronic instruments, computers and peripheral equipment, medical instruments, automobiles, remote communication systems and other fields. In 1985, the company began to use new CMOS technology to provide standard products and customized solutions for linear engineers. Products include: EPAD, MOSFET, rail to rail operational amplifier, epadop amplifier, dual slope a / D front-end converter, voltage comparator, analog switch, timer, pair transistor, etc. Most IC products can adapt to + 3V, + 5V, ± 2.5V or ± 5V electronic systems. Packaging forms include plastic packaging, PDIP, SOIC, cdip, etc., and customized product packaging services are also provided. The products are divided into commercial, industrial and military three grades. Some products can work at temperatures up to 200 ℃.

  • AKM

    In 1983, Asahi Chemical Industry Co. and Asahi microsystems Inc. jointly established Asahi Kasei Microsystems, Inc., referred to as AKM company, in Japan. Since its inception, AKM has been committed to the development of large-scale semiconductor integrated circuits in the field of information and communication. AKM company has won credit in the industry by successfully developing CMOS based mixed signal integrated circuit. This innovation also greatly reduces the cost of producing this kind of integrated circuit and shows a good application prospect. At present, AKM company can provide a series of circuits including analog-digital mixed circuit IC for mobile communication equipment, a / D and D / a conversion circuit based on delta sigma self-tuning technology, large capacity memory IC with lossless compression and error correction technology, etc.

  • ARM

    Arm company is a leading IP core supplier, which mainly provides high-performance RISC processor, peripheral and system chip technology authorization for other famous electronic companies in the world. At present, arm's processor core has become RISC standard for portable communication, handheld computing devices, multimedia digital consumer products and other programs. The company was formed by the merger of acorn, apple and VLSI in November 1990. Headquartered in Cambridge, UK, it has many product design centers in Cambridge, Texas, USA and sales offices all over the world. The company consists of six business units: 1. Product authorization unit: to provide authorization for microprocessor and system chip technology; 2. System development unit: to provide a fully integrated development environment for designers; 3. Bluetooth unit; 4. Software system unit; 5. System on chip unit; 6. Support service unit


    Anadigics company was founded in 1985. It mainly produces high-performance GaAs integrated circuit, and designs and produces RF IC for broadband and wireless communication market. The radio frequency IC produced by anadigics company enables communication equipment manufacturers to reduce product size and weight, improve efficiency, reliability and reduce cost, so as to improve the overall performance of the system. At present, anadigics mainly aims at the following two markets: 1. Wireless Market: including cellular / PCS mobile phones and systems; 2. Broadband Market: including fiber-optic telephone and data communication transmission equipment and cable and wireless broadcast system. Anadigics is headquartered in New Jersey, U.S.A., where it concentrates its R & D and production departments

  • AMD

    AMD is a supplier of computer and communication IC, which produces microprocessors, flash memory, programmable logic devices and other communication and network applications. Founded in 1969 and headquartered in California, the company is the second largest Microsoft Windows compatible PC processor supplier in the world. There are more than 13000 employees around the world. Production sites are located in the United States, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Germany and China, with sales offices in major cities around the world. At present, AMD is still developing new technologies, developing copper connection technology with Motorola, and developing silicon technology, chip manufacturing and packaging technology with other strategic partners.


    Alliance designs, manufactures and sells high-performance memory and memory expansion logic products for computer, communication, instrument and other fields. Founded in 1985, the company is headquartered in California, USA. Our product lines include SRAM, DRAM, flash memory, embedded memory and logic. SRAM: including synchronous SRAM, fast asynchronous SRAM and Low Power SRAM. Using 0.35-0.18 μ m CMOS process manufacturing, the latest SRAM products use six transistor ultra-low power intelliwattm technology, almost no static power consumption. DRAM: including Edo, synchronous DRAM, etc. Embedded storage technology: alliance can provide a series of memory expansion logic products for computer, communication, mass storage and other fields. These products are: Logic + flash, logic + DRAM, and logic + SRAM.

  • ALPS

    Alps Electric has provided about 40000 kinds of electronic components to more than 2000 manufacturers of home appliances, mobile devices, automobiles, industrial equipment, etc. all over the world. In this way, we can grasp various market and technical trends, judge market and customer's demand and change timely and correctly, and develop and provide the best products for users. Now, in order to effectively use electricity, we are also committed to developing green devices and creating electronic components that contribute to the realization of digital and low-carbon society.

  • AME

    Anmao microelectronics was established in Taiwan in November 2000, and was incorporated into anmao microelectronics company, an American business located in Silicon Valley, California, USA. in March 2004, its shares were officially listed for public trading. Since its establishment, anmao has been adhering to the business philosophy of "sincerity, steadiness, steadiness and foresight", aiming at establishing a leading manufacturer of power management IC chip design, test and sales of professional analog mixed signals, with a view to making its products widely used in mobile phones, smart phones, digital cameras, personal digital assistants, personal satellite navigation devices and wireless communications Equipment, MP3, PMP and other main portable devices; wireless / Bluetooth mouse / keyboard, notebook computer, memory card, external hard disk and other computer peripheral and storage equipment; LCD TV and panel products and other power management IC.

  • AirBorn

    AirBorn is an international, middle-market, value added solutions provider. For over 50 years, our foundation has been connector manufacturing, producing integrated technology solutions for high reliability applications for the military and aerospace markets. The customer base expanded to include a wide range of connectors, power supplies, flexible circuits, and value added services and solutions. We are proud to have become very well known for our value added service and high quality of the products we provide. We partner with our customers in multiple industries: aerospace/avionics, defense, geophysical, energy, industrial, automotive and medical.


    Aplus is a well-known brand in American laboratory general instrument industry. In view of Taiwan's mature electronic market and providing customers with high-quality and cost-effective products, aplus LabTech Co., Ltd. has its factory in Taiwan [1]. As a professional manufacturer of experimental equipment, the company has been committed to providing customers with humanized design, precision and safety of commonly used laboratory equipment. At present, aplus LabTech products have been distributed in the U.S., Europe and Taiwan markets. Products of high quality, easy to operate and low price are highly praised by customers in the industry. Aplus LabTech has its own unique design concept and innovative products, especially in magnetic stirring.

  • AIC

    Peiheng semiconductor is the first professional IC failure company in Taiwan. Founded in 1992, Peiheng semiconductor is dedicated to the R & D, design, testing and marketing of Analog IC products. By virtue of honest business philosophy, professional and innovative design team, and high-quality IC products, Peiheng quickly squeezed into the leading brand of Analog IC in Asia Pacific region, and won the national rock award, becoming the leading supplier and the best design partner of customers in the field of power management application.


    Jingchen semiconductor is a leading semiconductor company in the industry, providing advanced product solutions in the field of video, audio and image processing, and widely used in consumer electronics products such as digital TV, digital photo frame, home media center and set-top box. AMLOGIC Semiconductor provides customers with a comprehensive set of solutions to help them to promote high-quality electronic products for consumers with the times. Under this kind of good cooperation, our customers have confidence and ability to focus on their core business. Jingchen semiconductor's advanced network technology further expands the user's experience of using electronic products to access the Internet, and creates a new era in which consumer electronic products connect to each family and each person.


    Avago technologies (NASDAQ: avgo) is a leading design, development and global supplier focusing on III-V group composite semiconductor design and process technology, a wide range of analog, mixed signal and optoelectronic component products and sub-systems. Through nearly 4200 patents and pending patents, it has rich intellectual property rights for wireless communication, wired infrastructure, industry and other industries The three main target markets are mobile phones and base stations, data networks, storage and telecommunications equipment, factory automation, power generation and alternative energy systems, and displays. Avago has a 50 year tradition of technology innovation from Hewlett Packard and a global team of companies.


    Arthur Wright is composed of a group of R & D teams with entrepreneurial ideals and specializing in Analog IC design technology. The company is mainly engaged in analog integrated circuit design, testing, production and marketing business, providing customers with efficient solutions on the system interface, so as to improve the domestic power analog design environment and strengthen the establishment of independent analog and power related industries as an important mission.

  • AB

    Allen Bradley has strong capabilities in automation production and management, bringing together leading automation brands, including Allen Bradley, Ryan electric, dodge and Allen Bradley software. Provide customers with solutions from control to final connection to load. Its automation solutions meet global quality standards, including ISO9000, European CE marking standards and China's CCIB standards.

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