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  • APEX

    Apex company designs and produces single chip and hybrid IC microelectronic components. At present, it has three main production lines: power amplifier, PWM amplifier and DC-DC converter. It is a leader in power amplifier and hybrid signal products. Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, the company employs about 100 people. Using mixed signal products not only simplifies the product design, but also has higher reliability than the traditional discrete device design. Apex's production quality implements a quality management process known as sigma plus. The company is a qml-38534 certified factory, and has passed ISO9001 certification. It is the first hybrid IC manufacturer to pass both dscc1772 and ISO9001 certification.


    Founded in 1984, AIMEL specializes in the design, production and sales of a series of high-performance semiconductor devices, including logic devices, non-volatile memory, mixed signal IC and radio frequency IC. It is also one of the few manufacturers that can integrate high-density storage, logic and simulation functions on a chip. The company uses the most advanced chip technology to manufacture chips, including BiCMOS, CMOS and emerging SiGe technology. Headquartered in San Jose, California, the company has a number of manufacturing plants in the United States and Europe, including the world-class 8-inch, 0.25-micron chip manufacturing plant in France. The company has many offices around the world. In addition, the company's products are sold all over the world through authorized sales representatives and distributors all over the world.

  • AVX

    AVX products cover a wide range of passive components, high-quality interconnection products and ferrite devices. Whether ceramic and tantalum capacitors, film capacitors, timing devices, ferrite devices, or integrated passive components, it can provide a wide range of products to meet the market needs of different industries, including communication, computer and network technology, military, automobile, consumer electronics and medical industry


    Founded in 1983 and headquartered in California, Altera is a company specializing in the design, production and sales of high-performance, high-density programmable logic devices (PLD) and corresponding development tools. Since the establishment of the company, Altera company has always been in the leading position in the same industry: in 1984, Altera company launched ep300 series, the first erasable programmable logic device in the world, becoming the first PLD device supplier in the world, and also successfully developed the first PC based development system. At present, Altera has more than 500 kinds of PLD devices in various packages, which can meet different needs of users. At the same time of providing devices, Altera company can also provide its users with perfect development system and good after-sales support services. For example, Altera's MAX + PLUSII software, which integrates software editing, debugging and device programming, is the most popular development system in the field of programmable devices. The assess program of the company can provide users with all the seller's product information supporting the devices of Altera company, which further optimizes the development environment of MAX + PLUSII.

  • Microchip

    Main products: developed two major products: pic8 bit MCU and high quality Serial EEPROM. Up to now, microchip company has launched peripheral devices, analog products, RFID smart cards, KEELOQ security products, which can design a more comprehensive and valuable embedded control system scheme to meet the growing needs of users.

  • Micron

    Micron is a world famous semiconductor memory solution supplier. The company's memory scheme is applied to computers and peripherals, consumer electronics, CAD / CAM, communications, office automation, network and data processing, graphic display, etc. Founded in 1978, the company is headquartered in Idaho, USA. It has 16000 employees and a global production and sales network. At present, it mainly produces DRAM, SRAM, flash and other memories, and is developing higher speed memory products such as faster SDRAM, DDRII and so on.

  • NXP

    NXP is a newly independent semiconductor company founded by Philips, which has a long history of 50 years. It mainly provides engineers and designers with a variety of semiconductor products and software, bringing better perception experience for mobile communication, consumer electronics, security applications, contactless payment and connection, as well as in car entertainment and network products.

  • TI

    TI company, headquartered in Dallas City, Texas, USA, is a global semiconductor company, the world's leading designer and supplier of digital signal processing and analog technology, and the engine to promote the electronic digital process. The company has factories, branches or offices in more than 30 countries. There are several business departments as follows: 1. Semiconductor Department: in 1997, semiconductor revenue accounted for 83 [%] of the total revenue. The main products are DSP scheme, in addition to microcontroller and ASIC. 2. Education product business department: at present, TI company is in the leading position in portable education technology. 3. Materials & Control: the department serves the automotive, climate control, electronic, communications, optical, aircraft markets. 4. The main IC products of digital light processing include: digital signal processor, analog and mixed signal device, digital logic, ASIC, microcontroller, voice and graphics processor, programmable logic, military device, etc.


    Xilinx is a complete supplier of programmable logic products, which can provide a complete set of products and services including semiconductor IC, software development tools, customized systems and technical support. Founded in 1984 and headquartered in San Jose, California, USA, the company is the inventor of field programmable gate array (FPGA). Its products account for more than half of today's demand for such devices. Its products are applied to computers, peripherals, telecommunications, networks, industrial control, instruments, high reliability / military equipment and consumer electronic equipment 报错

  • Seoul

    Since its inception in 1987, Seoul Semiconductor has been leading the LED industry in Korea and is now heading to be one of the world's top 3 LED manufacturers with innovative management systems and advanced technologies.

  • ACL-Staticide

    Since the beginning of 1969, ACL has been manufacturing and selling anti-static products, office / computer cleaning and maintenance products. ACL Staticide sells its products through distributors, wholesalers, agents, mail order companies and other professional retailers in the United States, Canada, Mexico and 33 countries around the world. The company is committed to meeting the special needs of electronics, plastics and other high-tech industries, as well as the needs of office and computer users


    ADLINK technology Linghua technology supports the Internet of things (IOT) with innovative embedded computing solutions for edge devices, smart gateways and cloud services

  • AEI

    American electrical, Inc. (AEI) sells industrial electrical components inside and around the controller enclosure. American electrical focuses on the connection, power supply and protection of control circuits. Most of American electrical, Inc.'s product lines come from DIN rail applications.


    Allegro microsystems specializes in the design and production of advanced mixed signal IC. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of sankenelectric Co., Ltd. The company has 30 years of semiconductor production experience, mainly for OEM manufacturers to provide system level IC, applied in automotive, industrial, computer and peripheral equipment and consumer fields. Allegro Microsystems is headquartered in Massachusetts, USA, has two wafer factories in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, and has assembly and testing factories in the Philippines. The processes supported by Allegro include bipolar, CMOS, DMOS and emerging technologies such as BiCMOS (bipolar + CMOS), BCD (bipolar + CMOS + DMOS) and Dabic (Digital + analog + BiCMOS). Allegro can combine two or three processes on one chip to provide a powerful system level solution. The main products are automobile IC, LED drive circuit, motor drive circuit, Security IC, portable device IC, bridge and half bridge drive circuit, high voltage peripheral device power IC and display drive IC, power interface drive IC, power drive IC and pmcms, etc.

  • ALI

    Yangzhi Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Taipei, Taiwan. It is a professional ASIC design company. It was founded in 1987. At the beginning of its establishment, it was an independent institution engaged in the design, manufacturing and sales of computer chips in Hongqi group. Yangzhi technology was registered as an independent company in June 1993, with Hongqi computer legal person and Yangzhi employees as the main investors. At present, Yangzhi has about 500 employees, 90% of whom have technical background, and 50% of them are R & D engineers, all of whom have good training and rich experience. Among them, those with master's degree or above account for nearly 80%, and their R & D human quality is excellent. Yangzhi's product line covers chips related to personal computer system and peripheral, including x86 / RISC system chipset, x86 embedded microprocessor, a variety of high-function I / O, window accelerator, MPEG I / II decompression chip, scanner controller, CD / DVD-ROM control chip and other categories. It is one of the few in the world who master the whole series of components technology of personal computer IC design company. In terms of sales, Yangzhi is mainly composed of its own sales personnel and agents. After years of operation, Yangzhi has established a quite efficient international marketing network. In the future, Yangzhi will continue to introduce more cutting-edge technology and products suitable for the market. Meanwhile, it will gradually step into the field of consumer electronics extended by multimedia and personal computers.

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